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APC Accuses PDP Of Plotting to Jam Card Readers

APC Accuses PDP Of Plotting to Jam Card Readers

The opposition All Progressives’ Congress has come to town with another bombshell.  it has now openly accussed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and President Jonathan Administration of plotting sabotage the card readers on election day with a view to justifying their opposition to its use in the forthcoming general elections.

In a statement emanating from APC Spokesperson,  Alhaji Lai Mohammed,  the party stated ”We can authoritatively inform Nigerians that the morbid fear of card readers by the Jonathan Administration and the PDP has now beentranslated into concrete action: They have hired an Israeli, Gyora Berger, to do the dirty job of jamming the card readers,”

”To those who might accuse us of crying wolf, they should realize that every alarm we have raised in the past has been true, including that the Jonathan Administration was pushing for the postponement of the elections and that they are mortally afraid of the use of PVCs and card readers

 APC said the Israeli was hired specifically to develop three prototype card reader jammers, and he has now developed them (25 metres, 50 metres and 100 metres range) to be carried in the pockets of trusted PDP stalwarts on election day with a view to disabling the card readers within the stated radius.

The party said that apart from disabling the card readers, the jammers will also disable all telephones, iPads, etc within the radius of those carrying them on their persons” Thus, it may impossible to file on the spot report of goings on from respective polling units. 

Alhaji Lai Mohamned also alleged that an an order has been placed for 75,000 pieces of the jammers at a cost of 200 US dollars per piece, bringing the total cost to 15 million dollars. The jammers will be air freighted to Nigeria next week, it claimed.

According to APC ”The plan is to deploy the card jammers to the areas deemed to be the strongholds of the APC, such as the North-west, North-east North-central and the South-west.

”It is the planned procurement of the jammers that have given the confidence to the Administration and party officials to continuouslyboast that Buhari will never rule Nigeria, and also the reason why a chieftain of the PDP boasted last week that the card readers won’t work, thus advising INEC to make alternative arrangements,

It said because the opposition party has become a movement which is being propelled by the people themselves, it is difficult, if not impossible, for the Jonathan Administration and the PDP to succeed in their devilish intentions of rigging, sabotaging or scuttling the forthcoming polls.”We have consistently said power resides in the people, irrespective of what the government of the day might think. When the people are determined to vote out any government, no amount of money, evil plots and shenanigans can save that government, as the Jonathan Administration will find out in two weeks,” APC stated.



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