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3 Nigerian celebrity couples who serve us family goals

3 Nigerian celebrity couples who serve us family goals

By Adeshina Michael

With the unending drama of baby mamas’ and high rate of divorce among Nigeria celebrity couples, most people have often claimed celebrity union are bound to end even before it commence.

However, some celebrity couples have defied all odds and keep making us fall in love, at the mention of their names or whenever their picture pops up on our screen.

Here are the top Nigeria celebrity couples who have been unstoppable in dishing out family goals.

Olu and Joke Jacobs: Uncle Olu as widely called in the movie industry, once described his love for Aunty Joke as “Love at first sight” and it seems he hasn’t lost the sight ever since they met.

Although, the couples are occasionally seen together attending events, but the fact that they have been married since 1989 with two children and successfully protected their home from public intrusions indicates exceptional love.

The ever shinning couples share a lot in common, starting from their successful career in the entertainment industry, they always look well dressed, calm, eloquent with words and mostly appear untroubled, though they’ve often reveal it hasn’t been all perfect.


Prof Yemi and Dolapo Osinbajo: The vice president of Nigeria and his lovely wife have been married since 1989 (29 years) and always appear in love whenever they are seen together.

The couples are never difficult to spot at events which accommodate their presence.

However, the manner with which Prof Yemi composes and displays his message to his woman and children whenever he is opportuned shows he is highly romantic despite his busy schedules.

Moreover, the calm and loving nature of Mrs Dolapo also indicates high level of maturity and submissiveness despite her position and family background.


Timi and Busola Dakolo: This celebrity couple can never stop making us fall in love with the manner at which they appreciate and love themselves and their kids, their social media page has become a must followed for most couples and intending ones.

However, the way they kept their home from troubles despite public love displays is worthy of emulations and accolades.

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